About Us

Hi! We are Demetrio and Devano Möwes, a pair of twins with a passion for innovation and cost-effective solutions to challenges faced by Namibia, our motherland, and Africa as a whole.

At Solve Namibia, we truly believe in the transformative power of technology and its role in SOLVE-ing various obstacles. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, and bring together already proven technologies through collaboration with innovators globally. We're excited to start a reactive dialogue, learn about you and your innovations, and make something beautiful together.

Simultaneously we want to equip Namibians with skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in communities, where we live and work.

Our Vision

To become a recognized and respected leader in the Namibian and African community we serve through demonstrated knowledge, integrity, partnerships and the quality of our actions.

Call 2 Action

We are calling on all Municipalities, Governments, Farm Owners, Mines and Citizens to take action. With low levels of rainfall, losing water through evaporation is simply not a risk we have the freedom to take any longer.

We cover our pools, so why not cover our dams?

Shade Balls provide the ideal solution , reducing unnecessary evaporation by up to 95%. Join this Call 2 Action, and ensure all bodies of water in Namibia and Africa are properly protected.